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About AsianPearls.net
While traveling through the Orient we came upon pristine oyster beds that were known only to the natives in the area. Upon investigation we found that we were able to negotiate with the natives who cultivated and dove for the oysters, and we formed a mutually beneficial co-op. Thus was born "Asian Pearls."

We are a family owned company with family living in both the Orient and the United States. We are incorporated in New York State.
The Pearl Beds
Zeus (black) and Rex (champagne) Rex(black), and Zeus (champagne) are participating members in the family business - they maintain morale and are paid in dog food and an occasional bone.
Zeus and Rex are six year old English labs - they are litter brothers out of a litter of 12 and can trace their family ancestry back to Queen Elizabeth's labs. We chose them when they were three days old and brought them home when they were six weeks old. They have never been apart. When Rex was sick and had to stay overnight at the hospital Zeus stayed with him.
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